You can increase the sales of your product!

You can easily increase the sales of your product by focusing on personalized promotion methods. And you can use the latest trends in product demonstrations on your site and social networks: interactive photography and 3D visualization.

Interactive photo and video

Enjoy all the features of an interactive 3D photo of your products at the price of a regular photo! Use modern techniques to strengthen sales through sites and social networks!

Interactive 3D visualization

The latest technology for visualizing products in the browser! Photorealistic 3D models of your products on your computer screen, tablet or smartphone!

Attracting new customers

Attracting new customers and retaining existing customers in any season, expanding the partner network, entering new markets - we have it predictable, affordable and effective!

Promotion of products

We offer a number of related services: promotion of the product and brand in the digital space, creation of sites and landings, copywriting, comprehensive support of sites and product catalogs.

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3D photo and video

Interactive 3D photo:


Interactive animation (one frame):




3Д visualisation

3D model for browser:



Virtual tour


Lead generation

Cold calls:


New lead:


Telephone survey



Website development:




Maintenance of sites and catalogs


A little about interactive visualization

Technology can reduce the gap between the real world and virtual. Already, your customers will be able to turn your product in the hands and examine it from all sides. What could be better in order to interest your potential client?

We offer you a service in which art is combined with programming and gives an amazing result. Your client will be able to rotate your object by 360 degrees, view it from above and below, and scale as you like. After such contact, the probability of buying your product will grow significantly compared to competitors.

The view from either side, as well as the view from an arbitrary angle vertically - is a modern representation of the product, which comes to replace the ordinary photograph. The traditional representation of the product at 360 degrees is combined with a more progressive five-chamber solution, when the object is shot at once by 5 cameras to enable the user to view the product also from above!

If the product is difficult to qualitatively remove in 3D format (mattresses, dimensional objects, etc.), you can always draw it in a three-dimensional editor in photorealistic quality. Such a product will visually be much more attractive to the user. Implementation is possible in two versions. The first is an emphasis on photo-realism, where a scene is created, images are output and glued according to the above technique, or we use WebGL technology for online rendering of the 3D object created.

To display an object in different variants, for example, in different colors, you can even more interest the consumer. Easily and simply, he can change the color or material without changing the rock. For demanding customers, we are ready to provide services for the development of interactive three-dimensional configurators: this is expensive, but it is very attractive for consumers due to the wow effect and a number of applied functions.

It does not matter how we create an interactive object - interactive elements can be added to any of them. Pressed - and showed details, for example, how to unfold the sofa, or turn on the flashlight. Pressed on another element - saw a description or information. We can easily create any interactive elements for individual images or the entire product: from points to polygonal areas.

If you want to make your product even more memorable, you can add it to a certain scene, creating additional layers both front and back. You can add animation, sound effects and custom controllers for even more interactivity.

It's very cool to consider your interactive products with the ability to view detailed fragments. Simply enlarge the image with the mouse wheel. The user does not need to download your entire video to his computer: only the selected fragment of the screen is downloaded, which saves much traffic.

Your interactive product, regardless of implementation, can be easily placed on your site (for example, via iFrame) in HTML5, Flash or QuickTime VR formats or in Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal CMS.

Examples of interactive visualization

Example 1. Interactive photos



As we can see, the main interactive objects in the photo can have different characteristics. The key parameter is the type of interactivity: either we twist the product around one axis (interactive 3D, they are also called "viewing 360 degrees") or on two axes (4D interactive). The complexity depends on the number of cameras (one in 3D and five in 4D) and the type of product.

The difference from the subject survey is that there we choose the best camera angle, where the product does not glare, looks better, etc., and interactive shooting shows the goods as it is, assuming that the consumer first of all will assess the manufacturer's honesty and openness to Relation to it. Interactive photos are also characterized by the number of frames, the degree of scaling, the ability to open with a full screen, resolution, etc. Interactive photos are taken only in the studio - in a stationary or mobile.

Example 2. Interactive 3D rendering in the browser

The object is drawn in a 3D editor, placed in a scene, and then exported to the browser. Allows you to view the object without third-party plug-ins and give real-time photorealistic quality. Running on the most progressive at the moment, the methodology based on WebGL - technology of interactive online rendering in the browser.

Now this is considered a fairly promising development. Previously, such solutions were used only in top-end online games, now serious manufacturers are beginning to move to this technology, as it allows you to create not just a three-dimensional interactive scene, but to build an user-friendly interactive configurator that itself will attract and retain consumers on your Site.


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